Lives Being Changed By an Owl Tote Bag.

My mom once told me that when you’re feeling low, you should do something for somebody else who has things worse off than you do. It really does work! When I can’t change my own circumstances, I can change somebody else’s. A whole bunch of somebody elses, I hope. With a tote bag, no less. (And a baby quilt and a stuffed owl, that is.)

Next week, we’ll go to the annual Northrise University Auction and Dinner. We’ll hear about the Zambian lives being changed by the innovative Christian University we support down in Africa. They encourage their graduates to stay in Zambia and change their country from the inside out.

And I know how to sew cute stuff. Not necessarily a sought after skill in Zambia, but hopefully a sought after set of items by trendy OC women looking for baby shower gifts.

I had such fun trying to learn how to get the stitches even and how to make feathers and pebbles for the white areas of the quilt. The hardest part, though, was thinking ahead to where my stitching was headed when I was working on the flowers, so that I didn’t get “stuck” in a corner somewhere! The project was just the right level to challenge but not frustrate me.

To be fair, I must admit that I made another tote bag before I made this one. One that was my first free-motion quilting project, and from which I simply could not part. I’m really quite selfish when it comes to my sewing projects. In fact, I still might just make Greg bid on my own donated items at the auction. It’s all good if it’s for charity, right? After all, they’re just so cute!

(edited to add: I wrote this last week…and guess who was the lucky highest bidder on this set…yours truly! What can I say…my money is just as good as anyone else’s, right? And I know that I’ll be the most appreciative bidder! Now I have a great baby girl gift ready for the next sweet baby to come around.)


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