Joshua Tree in Photos

Can you tell how the boys felt about our RV rental? It's our first time.

Nothing sweeter. (We only let them "roam" the RV once we were into the desert.)

Those rocks just call your's Greg as soon as we pulled into our campsite.

And a few minutes later, all three "boys" were atop the rocks across the road!

Desert nature. Good but breezy on days 1 & 2, cooler with sprinkles on day 3.

The whole gang...friends from church met up with us there. Lots of kids to play with means lots of time for adults to relax and have real conversations!

Wildlife...chuckwallas here and there on the rocks.

A desert tortoise on one hike...and we saw a jackrabbit the size of a small dog bound away!

Evening. Nothing is better than pure joy on a child's face.

Spooky kids...a little too young for ghost stories, but plenty old enough for flashlight fun!

Morning. Beauty. Perfect for gathering around a fire to roast lil' smokies for breakfast.

Breakfast together in the outdoors is one of the best things about camping. You can't help but be in awe of God and his beautiful creation here.

Nature. Like the angels got tired of carrying rocks around the world and just dumped them right here for us to enjoy.

Lots of little rock climbs, but this was the big one. We went to the spot shown with a black arrow, almost at the top. With all six kiddos. Probably not the safest idea. But incredibly fun!

Rock climbing is a bit harder with a little girl strapped to my back! She did so great the whole vacation.

We didn't believe Tyler for a minute when he said he saw a baby snake. Jake must have climbed right over it moments before, and our friend thinks it's a rattler. Oh boy. God was watching out for us on this one! Good eye, Tyler!

What a beautiful little Easter getaway for us, celebrated in God's creation!



3 thoughts on “Joshua Tree in Photos

  1. The tradition continues!! Brought back such memories of all the wonderful times we had there we our family. I love the smiles on the boys faces and it made me smile to see Greg at the top of those rocks. The pictures of breakfast looks just like some I took, just different faces.

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