Baby K’s Big Day!

A few Saturdays ago, we made the trek down to San Diego to celebrate my niece Baby K’s first birthday! Wow. This year is gone and she is one. We headed down mid-morning and had lunch at a new lunch counter downtown. Trendy little place that will be packed soon, but we were there on the first (or second?) day it opened so we got right in.

After lunch, we headed in to Petco Park (the baseball stadium area that is open to the public on non-game days) for the party. My sister Amy and her friend Melanie had stayed up way too late making the adorable animal cupcakes for the Noah’s Ark theme!

You know it’s our family when a one year old’s birthday party includes betting on baby (and kid) races. With kids wearing numbers. And adults competing for prizes based on the points they earned. A tourist passing by asked one of the party-goers what was going on. He was told it was a first birthday party, to which he incredulously replied, “And you’re betting on the babies?” The party-goer could only shrug sheepishly and reply, “Well, there’s no money involved…”

…betting on the total combined time it would take the older kids to run the (miniature) baseball diamond bases…

…betting on which baby would reach the finish line first (they are easily distracted and not highly motivated)…

…betting on which number the babies would end up sitting on…and the throwing of goldfish crackers onto your chosen number didn’t seem to help attract the babies there…

And of course, the first birthday cake. Kate was only slightly interested at first. But once she got a taste of that funfetti cake, she dove right in…almost literally!

Happy first birthday, Baby Kate!!!


3 thoughts on “Baby K’s Big Day!

  1. I love the expression on Rob’s mother’s face in that middle picture before the race. She is so ready! This looked like such a fun time!

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