My Sister Wife and I Are Making Plans.

And by sister wife, I mean my sister, who is also a wife.

For many, many months now, I have known that having a sister wife would be a wonderful thing. Yes, it did begin with seeing the ladies on cable doing it all so gracefully, but Amy and I have worked up a different plan. One that does not involve sleeping with one another’s husbands. (I can hear Rob sighing a deep sigh of relief!)

At first I thought one large house connected at the kitchen would be best. After all, it’s always at dinnertime that I feel most attracted to the sister wife concept. Whenever Amy or our “daughter” babysitter Sara are over around mealtimes, everything runs so smoothly. The children are entertained. The chopping gets done. The dishes are washed while the dinner is actually being prepared, making after dinner cleanup a breeze. The meals are more elaborate and all of the people are happier.

But Amy insists that she needs her own kitchen. I think about it for a moment, then say, “Agreed.” Okay, our own houses, but either attached at one wall with a lockable door leading between them, like hotel rooms, or two separate houses sharing a huge backyard. The hotel-like door is so that child protective services doesn’t take my children away when I want to leave the kids home while Greg and I go for a date night. Give the baby monitor to Amy and head on out. Of course, she and Rob could do the same. Win win.

And we’ve decided that our sister wife life needs to be before cell phones. Neither of us are fans of being instantly accessible. At first I said, before t.v., too. Which I still kind of stick to. But not before computers. We would need a computer to show movies to the kids when they’re sick or we need a break. Not that we’d need as many breaks with our sister wife to help us with child-rearing.

So…no cell phones, yes computers. But not internet. Well, except at the library. At home, if we want to know something we’ll pull out an encyclopedia or actually pick up the phone to interact with a human we love to find out an answer to our burning question. I think the internet has removed so many moments of connection between real life people. But it sure is neat. So we decided that it would be available at the library if we needed it.

Amy says she needs her space. Could that be a result of the person she’s talking to? Could I be a little overbearing? No…

And then Amy starts getting worried about where our sister wife house will be. Rob needs to be close to Coronado for his work. I suggest Texas because land will be cheap. She mentions the heat. I say that if we’re talking about a dream world, we shouldn’t be concerned about such trivial things. We’ll have Orange County weather on our Texas plantation. Now that I think about it, it had better be near the beach, too.

We will plan and cook most of our meals together, but since Amy “needs her space,” we will then carry them to our own house to eat with our own families, because we have a nagging suspicion that neither of our husbands will like our sister wife idea.

Today Amy keeps Midge and Kate occupied while the boys and I do our afternoon chores. I hold baby Kate as Amy packs up the stroller in her trunk to head home. We had a delicious chicken salad for lunch that I didn’t feel like making, but she did. The day is smoother than one would ever dream possible with four kids running around. See how perfect this sister wife thing is?

See...Kate likes the idea!


4 thoughts on “My Sister Wife and I Are Making Plans.

  1. You know who almost has this? Uni and Trude in Norway. In fact when they both had little children, one of them would take care of all the children while the other was at work and they both worked part time. When I visited, both sisters would discipline any of the kids. They have a get big area outdoors where the kids play or they eat in the summer. (Only problem, I think summer is about 4 weeks long. )

  2. Yeah the Sister Wife Post!
    Okay, here are some comments I have:
    One, I think Greg would sigh a big sigh of relief too.
    Second, I am more open to a shared kitchen (especially since it will be huge and have two refrigerators and two dishwashers)
    Three, I think it would be our husbands that would need their space. And you are not overbearing otherwise I would not consider this arrangement.
    Four, I think being near water is fine with me – like a big lake with a sand beach only.
    Five, if we are running with the premise that we can live in Texas (because the people there are so nice, the politics is in our bend, and you can have tons of land) with OC weather near a lake when cell phones have not been invented, but the internet exists only at the library I think we can also assume our husbands are totally on board and see how great the arrangement is too.
    Six, you will be in charge of grammar and spell on important papers, Oh wait you already are.
    Seven, Kate is getting her molars. So, it your turn to get up at 3am. Okay?

    • I agree to everything except getting up with Kate at 3 a.m.! I’ve been there and done that already! Then again, if you were really tired and overwhelmed, I might cave.

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