Three Emotionally Unstable Things Today: Part 3

Actually, this post is really related to Part 2 of the emotionally unstable day. I wrote all three posts on Thursday. The emotional part comes in the form of a quilt. This quilt.

I began this quilt at least a year ago, I’d say. And somewhere along the line, I began to envision Tall Girl (our little foster boys’ big sister) sleeping under this blanket of love in the bunk bed in Midge’s room. At some point as I sewed and sewed, it became Tall Girl’s quilt. As I stitched fabric to fabric, I stitched all of my hopes and dreams for us adopting her and her brothers right in there.

So I guess when I give her this quilt on Saturday for her sixth birthday, I’ll symbolically be passing that dream along to someone else. And let me just say that that other mother had better not donate this one when it doesn’t match the decor she has in mind! But I guess what happens to it after it leaves my hands doesn’t really matter much. It might mean more to me than to anybody else. I know Tall Girl will love it, and when she loses connection with it, maybe it will be time to let it go, along with a future that wasn’t meant to be.

Quilt notes: pattern created specifically for this blue Denyse Schmidt floral fabric, inspired by Cluck Cluck Sew’s Chain Reaction quilt. I took a free motion quilting class and this is my first big practice piece. I have a lot to learn and a lot more practice to go, but I’m happy with my first attempt at a whole quilt done in free motion.


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