Wasting Time.

It’s 8:00 p.m. and I’m just poking around on Pinterest rather than getting up and doing/making something. I told my best high school friend that although I’m still on the jessicasprague.com creative team, I really don’t scrapbook anymore except for my four layouts a month for them. She asked me what I was doing with my time instead, and I was totally stumped. Couldn’t really answer her.

Driving people around? Praying in desperation for God’s guidance and reassurance? A teeny tiny bit more quilting? Yes to all.

I love being thirty-five. There is so much wisdom you collect in your adult years, especially the years of parenting. I can’t wait until I’m 45 and am even wiser. Don’t worry, I have warned Greg that his will be the only O.C. wife who gets wrinkles, as I’m not interested in Botox! He is okay with this.

One piece of wisdom I’m hanging onto right now is that the mess will always be there later. I wish I had worried less about the state of the house when the boys were little and more about the state of my sanity. I think it’s easier for a husband to come home to a messy house when the wife is happy. I am carrying this into my life right now. Top priority? Staying rooted in Christ and His strength. I probably spend 20 minutes each morning reading the Psalms and sometimes Proverbs before getting the day going. Then during Midge’s nap I spend another hour or so, depending on how hard life is feeling that particular day.

At first I felt super lazy doing it. Wasting time that could be spent making a dent in the ever messy house. Then I realized that this is a season that will pass. Just like the two tiny boys season was. The most important thing I can do is refill my tank whenever I get a chance so that I can pour out into the kids’ lives again. I have stopped feeling guilty and embrace the silent time in begging prayer.

And after the kids go to bed? Reconnect with hubby. Float around online. Leave the office floor disastrous. Get through by embracing the happy moments God sends daily.

Can’t wait for summer in 3.5 weeks. Slower mornings. Time with my brother and his family. Doing two weeks (two weeks?! ack!) of respite care for the three little foster kiddos. NUTS! Little trips here and there. Thinking about adding to the family again…we’ll keep you updated as we learn more about that process. Just enjoying each other as best we can with the family God has given us right now.

Wasting time is the best way to spend it.


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