Canyon Garden Tour

On Saturday morning the Berg tribe met up for a garden tour of the nearby canyons…so fabulous! The gardens were beautiful and we had a fun morning checking out different plants to try in our nearby gardens. Or in my case and my sister Amy’s case, we just plan on buying the houses we saw, thereby avoiding all the troublesome planting and cultivating.

I only brought my little pocket camera and was so annoyed to see every picture blurred along the right side! The camera isn’t old and already it’s broken! But then I turned the camera over and saw that there was a big smudge on the lens! Could that have anything to do with all the junk I carry in my purse? (snacks for kids, old string cheese, spare change, receipts, kleenexes…) Unfortunately, the only group photo we got was before I discovered my smudgy lens. But here’s the whole gang. (From left to right…my cousin Michele, my mom’s cousin Karen, me, my aunt Kris, my sister Amy, my mom’s cousin Debby, my mom Donna, my cousin Lisa.

Only in the canyon can you have a totally private working outdoor tub with a gorgeous hillside view!

Messing with the newish camera again, I discover that I shouldn’t use its “vivid” setting or I’ll get wacky greens and yellows that are hard to fix!

Remembering Papa Berg (this group of ladies’ patriarch) as we walked past this fence in one of the gardens. Papa never wasted or got rid of anything.

Speaking of houses we’re going to buy, through those trees you can see a house and property that I actually looked at several years ago when we were thinking of moving into the canyon. I love the seclusion and rural setting of these beautiful places.

Here’s Amy’s house. (Well, the owner told her that if she wanted to buy it, she’d have to get in line.) A cute craftsman that they let us explore inside!

What a welcome getaway we had together! I think it will become an annual tradition.


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