The Cousins and Kiddos are Coming!

Today as I bask in the quiet of our first summer “rest/reading time,” I’m gearing up for a wonderfully busy three weeks! The cousins (my big brother, Lee, and his sweet wife Sarah, and their two kids) are coming to town tomorrow for a week. I’m going to wipe the dust off my camera and get ready to document the fun of the week here and in San Diego with them. Then the three little foster kiddos will descend upon the house for the next two weeks! The first week we’ll all go to VBS together, and I’m not sure how much of the second week they’ll be here, as they’ve been matched with a new adoptive family and may spend some time with them (after their first adoptive match fell through the day after we found out about it!)

Summer, I am so excited about you. And all of the fun family, friends, and memories you bring!


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