And I Officially Discover I’m Crazy.

Today is the last of an eight day stint as a mother of six. I have thirty minutes remaining until rest time is over and the house gets loud and crazy again.

Yet here I sit, browsing my blogs (eye candy!) and wondering if I should start a photography Project 365 mid-year. (Would that make it a project 180?) I can’t help myself. I am crazy. But this woman’s photography is so inspiring…

I promise that after the kids leave this afternoon, after I begin and finish picking up the messes, after I try to de-stickify the breakfast nook floor, after I get in a few uninterrupted conversations with my three, after I send off my three beloved foster kiddos to their new mom and dad, after I get over the fact that it could be many months before I see them again, after all of that, I’ll come back here and share some photos from my past two weeks. Promise.


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