What fun we had when the cousins were here! It’s always so refreshing to catch up in person with my brother and sister-in-law, and the kids were so excited to see each other again. Andrew has gotten so old! Here are the three boys together.

We spent the first morning at a local horse jumping arena, watching the horses jump and the kids horse around.

I love that picture! I don’t know why that horse was always cocking his head to the side, but the kids got a kick out of it. Here’s Jane, getting so grown up.

And Andrew and Kate are getting big, too!

Playing with Uncle Rob’s iPad games,

And going to beach night!

These two romped around their haphazardly dug hole, happy to oblige over and over when I asked them to jump for a picture.

On the other hand, these two were serious and organized, working together very methodically to build a precise hole with ledges to hold their “sandballs.”

They would only jump for me in a certain direction, so as not to damage their handiwork.

Saturday morning we headed to San Diego!

Playing ball in the Petco “Park at the Park.”

Great city views (see the new library being constructed in the background?)

The gang’s (almost) all here for the Padres game!

Sarah and Jane.

Playing at the pool the next day…some kind of game where you drop small objects and then search for them and shout a nonsense word.

Mostly the vacation just consisted of us having fun being together…at my parents’ house, at the pool, in San Diego, on the patio…

…on the deck overlooking the city…

…and plenty of game playing (especially Bang!) at home and in the game room of the San Diego condos.

On Sunday morning, Greg and I and Lee and Sarah got to take a Segue-way tour of downtown! Our parents gave it to us for Christmas, and it was such fun! It’s a little intimidating at first, but once you get used to it, it’s fun! I don’t have a close up picture of it, but here’s a picture looking down on us as we rode by the building.

What a wonderful week we had!


One thought on “Cousins!

  1. I love these photos! Any chance I can get your files? My mindspring email is nearly full, but I do have a gmail account that might hold them until I can download. How long does it take on your end?? By the way, can’t wait to hear how your week with the extra kids went.

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