Praying for Court.

Today and Tomorrow, Greg and I will be in court for a trial regarding Midge. Please pray for God to be present and mighty in that courtroom…as thoughts are formed in the judge’s mind, and as testimony is taken and questions are asked. We know that God’s intentions cannot be shaken and that He has a good plan for Midge and for us. Miraculously, we enjoyed our 12th anniversary yesterday without feeling the queasiness I feel this morning. I’m hoping they don’t call me to testify, but if they do, pray for strength of mind and heart. Thankfully, Midge’s attorney seems quite determined to fight for her. Not all other parties seem to be thinking of HER best interests yet. PRAY for God’s will to be done. If things go according to plan (which they rarely do), the judge should be deciding whether to terminate reunification services and setting a date in the future to consider terminating parental rights. We shall see.


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