Amazingly, I have kept up with taking photos for this project every day. I’m enjoying the challenge and working with Manual mode on the camera.

I’ve done pretty well with the spiritual side of things, too. I haven’t slept will at all the past two nights, since court was postponed again. My mind is more difficult to turn off in the dark. During the day when I’m busy, the time passes quickly and I remember to do a 180 when I begin to worry instead of trust.

God is doing a work in my life this summer. It seems like every day I have to be on the phone or do paperwork or think about things that remind me of Midge’s very uncertain future. Yesterday, after talking to her bio mom and realizing that this delay is working widely in her favor, I broke down. My 23 year old faux daughter brought me coffee and flowers. Life goes on. There is no option but to trust and keep walking, knowing that I have no control or influence in what I think is best for Midge’s future. Thankfully, when I am weak, then HE is strong. His plans are good. And His intentions cannot be shaken.

It makes me laugh seeing how stiff we look in the picture above! You’d think we just met, rather than walking through this life together for twelve years! Happy Anniversary!

P.S. When there are days skipped in the 180 project posts, it is because the primary subject is a foster child whose picture can’t be posted!


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