Summer is whizzing by! We are about halfway through now, with 5 weeks passed and 7 weeks to go. We are now into the lazy days of summer, rather than the go-go-go of the first month. I’m chipping away at my summer list. My first priority these days is the get through the next 180 days whole & healthy in mind and spirit. But throwing a lot of fun in does help!


  • get my office/art studio desk cleaned off and keep it that way to make space for creating!
  • make juice popsicles and eat them in the backyard
  • go for walks around the neighborhood after dinner
  • start taking and editing more pictures again
  • get the kids outside into the backyard every day
  • clean out the closets…all of them!
  • eat nectarines off of our tree
  • pack for beach night early so we can enjoy it with less packing stress
  • survive (and purposefully find things to enjoy about) the two weeks of respite we’re doing for the 3 little foster kids
  • finish Sara’s birthday quilt
  • practice free motion quilting
  • go hiking with the whole family
  • read aloud with the boys
  • make/buy matching outfits for all six kids for fourth of July
  • soak in the week with my niece, nephew, brother, and sister-in-law here!
  • playdate with my sister and other niece
  • go on an anniversary trip with Greg to celebrate 12 years!
  • eat at the new waffle sandwich shop nearby
  • attempt to do an online art class with the four oldest kids during respite
  • eat dinner outside (we’ve done this a few times recently and now every night at dinner, Midge stands at the back door and says, “bak-ard!”)
  • figure out where to put the punctuation when I’m using quotations and parentheses (see above.)
  • back up pictures onto disc
  • practice some meat recipes with our grass fed cow that’s arriving soon
  • catch up on the boys’ school memories notebooks
  • make a quilt for my cousin’s coming soon baby boy…free motion quilt his name onto it!
  • take a vertical picture of my three kids to replace the old one in my hallway frame
  • get Jake into a kids’ tennis tournament
  • teach Tyler to float on his back in the pool
  • go camping
  • run in the sprinklers
  • play tennis

We have a few of these planned in the upcoming weeks. A few of them, I needed to remind myself of, and a few of them aren’t going to happen. But that’s okay. My favorite thing on the list so far has been making a dedicated time each day to read aloud to the boys again. We’re reading The Borrowers every night before bed and really enjoying it! Watching Downton Abbey is giving me the inspiration for some British accents as I read!

Happy Summer!


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