It’s been almost two weeks since I last posted here. There have been good old ordinary summer days, dirty wild family camping days with our church, depressing days when the court postpones Midge’s trial yet again, and busy exciting days as both Greg and I start building our new businesses.

Yes, Greg is starting his own law firm after 12 years of practice. He will be partnering with one of our oldest friends, and he has been praying and seeking the right timing for this for several years. And now it’s happening! It is exciting and scary to think about the lack of a steady paycheck. Which is why we decided that it’s finally time for me to start up a photography business. I’ve been taking portraits of friends and family for years now, but wasn’t thrilled about adding the whole business aspect in to it. But I do love the photography and editing, so we are going to jump in and try to start two businesses in the same month! Wahoo…hold on! Below you’ll find a photo of me working on my logo. With my graphic design background I really enjoyed creating logos for both Greg and I. And it’s been fun touching up my portfolio for my website, which I’ll share with you soon.

Wish us luck!


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