Too Busy.

It’s shocking to see that I haven’t posted here in weeks. Well, one of those weeks we were on a wonderful family vacation, but otherwise it’s just been a bit too busy for my tastes around here.

It’s mostly good busy. Helps me focus on something besides court, busy. Gets my mind onto exciting stuff, busy. Makes me smile like I haven’t in a while, busy. Keeps our family growing closer together, busy.

Greg’s new law firm will launch in two weeks. Wow. God had His hand on this timing, I’m sure. It’s been Greg’s dream for many years, and it’s been in planning and prayer for the past few years, and the partner he has just jumped out of the woodwork and fully on board in the past year. At just the time when there wasn’t quite enough work to keep him at his current firm, God has opened up this scary and exciting door for our family.

My new photography business is in the planning stages and will hopefully be debuting sometime in September. What a lot of work it is to cover the business side of things! Contracts to format, website to build, prices to research and set, portfolio to build and edit. It is the most fun I’ve had at my photography in a long time. Now, I just need to practice my beach shooting a bit before I can confidently pull that one off…

Reshuffling the schedule for fall takes up a lot of time, too. I’m trying to balance the whole family’s needs when scheduling Midge’s bio parent visits. I can say that we are coming up on two years of scheduling and confirming and moving and transporting and monitoring and dreading and emotionally recovering from these visits. That is entirely too long to endure this sort of thing. That’s all I have to say about that.

So excited for school to be starting up next week! Not because I’m sick of my kids…we’ve had a really great summer and if I could somehow convince myself that homeschooling was the best choice for us, I’d do it in a heartbeat! We didn’t even have time to get bored this summer, which is not a great thing in my mind…I think a little boredom is good for kids and their creativity! But it has just flown by and now we’re getting excited about new classes and new teachers and in Jake’s case a new school. I’m determined to spend more time volunteering in each class this year. Hopefully the teachers agree!

Looking forward to so many things in the coming months…I hope you are too. Still continuing my quest to turn from worry to trust, from self-pity to gratitude, and from distraction to focus. Some days are better than others. Some hours of some days are better than others! I can wake up and start the day with a great mindset, then find myself crashing down with a phone call or a fleeting thought. I know God is working on me putting my hope in Him. Yesterday I prayed about that, and felt this thought come to mind:

Don’t put your hope in any one outcome. Just rest in ME, knowing that I’m taking care of everything.

Thank God for our daily new beginnings!


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