Quick Hello.

I have dreams of getting back onto this blog sometime soon! I have been editing photos for my portfolio (the new photography business website is up!! Find it here.) and working on the business side of photography things. We have been dealing with yet another delayed court hearing. This is coming up on 10 months of waiting to terminate reunification services. Then there’s this little thing called the beginning of the school year. Figuring out the carpool schedule was a bear, but I think I have it conquered. We’ll give it a few weeks before I claim victory and settle down.

Now the trick is figuring out how to entertain Midge as an only child here all morning. Bummer. She is spoiled by brotherly attention and she is very two. This is not a good combination. I am working on how to be out of the house keeping her busy making messes at parks and other people’s houses, while simultaneously being home getting the housework done that a good wife/mother with two kids in school all day should be getting done. No progress yet, but we’re only on day five of school.

I want to catch up on labeling my 180 day project photos, and then I’ll share them here. See you back here soon?


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