Look what God sent us within hours of me sending out our most recent foster family update email, which you will find below. We rarely get rain and clouds. We get rainbows even more rarely. Maybe once every few years. He is good. No matter what happens in court on Monday, I need to remember that He is good.


Hello everyone,

It’s time again for the update: we will make our 6th attempt to terminate reunification services at court this Monday, October 15. They have been making the same recommendation and postponing it since January, so our hopes aren’t very high that anything will happen this Monday. There has been a change in circumstances since last month, and there is a sudden push towards reunifying Baby Girl with her father instead of her mother. In my opinion, if the court does anything but terminate reunification services (whether it’s a delay or a denial of termination), we shouldn’t expect to have Baby Girl for more than another month or so. The social worker is quite determined to pursue her own agenda and although Baby Girl is not doing well emotionally after the drastic changes in visitation with her dad this past month, we don’t expect the social worker’s push toward reunification to change. Rather, if there is another delay, we expect her to push for overnight and weekend visits as soon as possible, and after that, full reunification with father, no matter how Baby Girl continues to respond.

We know that in all things we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us. We know that His ways are higher than our ways…that He sees the whole picture for our whole family, Baby Girl included. We know that He loves her even more than we do. We know that His plan is best. And of course we know that He can perform miracles and that He is in ultimate control of what happens on Monday in court and in the weeks afterward.

But pray with us, please. If she has to leave our family after two years (she’s only just turning 2 1/2) she will be confused and devastated. She is already becoming withdrawn and clingy and sad as a result of her recent increased visits. We can’t imagine what it will be like for her if she is taken there permanently. But God knows. Pray for Him to fight on her behalf on Monday and beyond…for Him to put her where He wants her to be. And for us to accept that, wherever it is. As you can imagine, our emotions are overwhelming right now.

We thank you for all of your email responses to these updates, your encouraging verses, your good thoughts, and your support as we’ve gone through all of this.

We’ll update you on Monday or Tuesday.

Linn and family


2 thoughts on “Promise.

  1. Linn,
    I replied to your comment on my blog, but just had to comment here as well. I am so feeling your pain, and I know you are feeling mine. I have been praying for you, Midge, and your family as much, perhaps even more these last few days, as for mine. I just want you to know, though, that God is good and has provided me with a peace I do not understand during this time of loss. In my case, He has allowed me to continue to see my baby and help make this transition easier for her. And that’s what it’s about right? The kids – not us. I am hoping for a miracle on Monday, because it doesn’t seem to me like yours should end the way mine did. But God knows best. And God can work miracles and move mountains. Here is the link that I mentioned to such an awesome miracle story of how these guys went from foster to adoptive parents when God moved mountains and used a magistrate to do it. I just re-read it and it gave me chills all over again.
    I know God can and will do what needs done on Midge’s behalf on Monday. You’re in my prayers.

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