Give Thanks in All Circumstances.

Midge in her butterfly Halloween costume. She turned 2 1/2 yesterday.

Practicing the discipline of giving thanks in all circumstances here, as Greg went to court this morning to be heard by the new judge and to see if they’d appoint us an attorney or a CASA for Midge. No attorney or CASA appointed, and although he did get to say what he wanted to say, they also told him the November 15th court date will most likely be delayed again because of backlogging, so not to expect too much then. We’ve talked about hiring an attorney on our own to try to watch out for Midge, but aren’t sure that he could do much about the docket being full every month. We don’t know.

But I smile right now, a genuine smile. What a gift from God to be able to smile when life is at its worst points. I smile because of the gifts He is dropping all around us for me to notice. Like just after hearing the update on the morning from Greg, I look over and see the man in the next lane over from me fiddling with something in his lap. It is a top hat. Made of velvet. And I don’t know why, but it strikes me as funny, this middle aged hispanic man driving down the street fingering his velvet top hat. I truly smiled. And those trees that line the road with their purple leaves. And the view of our foothills which tower over the canyon near our house, as we crest the hill on the drive home every day. I love that view. And the way that Tyler has such a perfect little accent when he speaks Spanish. And pictures in the mail, and chapstick.

38. L: the man with his velvet top hat who made me smile

39. L: the purple trees lining the street

40. L: the view of the orange trees and the gray road and the blue sky and the purple-brown mountains every time I crest the hill towards home

41. L: Tyler’s Spanish accent

42. L: Pictures in the mail

43. L: Chapstick

44. L: A tutorial for making my own cute watch bands

45. L: A healthy marriage

46. L: Two wonderful friends for me at Tyler’s school

47. L: Adaptable spreadsheets showing my weekly schedule

48. L: The boys’ sudden fear of ants that makes me laugh. (It’s been happening for a few days…ants here and there in the house. From the top of the stairs last night, Jake says, “Mommy! There was an ant in our bed!” I tell him to just kill it. “Mom, there has GOT to be an ant hive in our walls. I saw an ant downstairs by the sink, and then there were two more in the bathtub. Now one was in our bed.” I tell him that the ants won’t be in his room much because they’re looking for water. He pauses and thinks, then says, “Oh. I know why…my hair is wet.”)

49. L: The way the boys stop to plunk out a melody every time they pass the piano


3 thoughts on “Give Thanks in All Circumstances.

  1. I know I’ve been quiet on blog-land, but your family has often been in my thoughts and prayers of late. I’m glad your husband was heard by the court; disappointed that Midge still has no representative.

    Still praying that God’s hand will protect your sweet little butterfly.

  2. giving thanks and acknowledging gratitude on a daily basis has helped me through some very difficult times in my life. teaching oneself to notice and cherish the small things can really make or break a situation. and, linn, you’ve got this one in the bag! as tough as things are now, you are holding your head high and marching down life’s path. you should be very proud of yourself. i know i am! i’m proud to have a cousin as strong, vulnerable, honest and loving as you! hugs, Karen

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