There’s nothing to say here. Day after the election, beloved foster daughter being taken away, watching her transform from happy and secure into clingy and tantruming and spoiled right in front of my eyes, good friends with big problems, other good friends with a kid who might have cancer, neighbors divorcing and probably moving the kids’ best friends away, throw in a week of exhausting vertigo… When it feels as if everything in the whole world is going wrong, I need to remind myself that not everything is terrible. I think it would hurt God’s feelings if I kept saying life stinks. Not to mention that it sounds pretty spoiled and petty just writing that out. God places me in the wealthiest country at the least labor intensive time in history and with the most sheltered life He can think of, and I have the nerve to complain. Sometimes I feel like a rotten toddler who freaks out when my parent makes me give back the toy which a friend has shared with me. These kids, all three of them, really aren’t mine, are they? Even as God lets me keep my biological sons more than the two years he’s let me keep my sweet daughter, even then, the boys still belong to Him, and are only on loan to me. Sigh. I guess God is the most patient of parents, listening to my tantrums. But I’m sure even He gets tired of it.

List of One Thousand Things We Love…continued…

53. listening to the boys playing together in the other room

54. good books that last a long time and where everything turns out just right

55. lemon chicken soup at Daphne’s Greek Cafe

56. listening to books on tape in the car with the boys

57. warm baths

58. the way Midge cocks her head to the side, lifts one hand in a teenage-like gesture and says, “Oh yeah,” to everything, like she already knows and has known for quite some time.

59. the boys are both finally readers…real readers! pick-up-the-book-in-your-spare-moment-readers. Motherly, Teacherly Happiness.


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