Weekend Away.

It’s a beautiful crisp fall day. I’m fighting the weekly battle of being cranky on the days Midge is gone for her full day visits. It’s a little easier to fight today, because our annual family girls’ weekend is in a few hours. My to do list was long, but is finished (enough) and I am packed. I almost forgot my underwear and my flip flops, but how important are undergarments and footwear when you’re going to spend a few days with your tribe of women, especially a few days on the old family ranch of childhood memories? I know that as I drive, the tension will melt away and I will be ready to let go for a few days.

Most recently, we toured the local canyon’s garden for a mini-getaway with the girls:


In 2011, we spent the weekend at Aunt Kris’s beautiful home in Laguna Beach.

In 2010, I spent the weekend after my abdominal surgery recuperating at Cousin Lisa’s artistic home in the cute little college town of Claremont.

2009 was an unexpected oasis in the middle of the desert of Twenty-Nine Palms…some of my favorite photos are from that trip.

We spent the previous girls’ weekend at Amy’s new downtown San Diego condo.

Just looking at these photos makes me smile a little bit. Thank God for family and weekends away.



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