01.05.13 – 01.08.13


I’m taking a photography course online right now that is supposed to move me towards more comfort with manual mode on my camera. I am confident at my photo shoots using aperture priority mode, and have used manual mode when absolutely necessary, but it isn’t my forte. This past week I have been taking way more pictures than usual, attempting to master manual. First off, our faux daughter Sara’s sister got married! The boys have always called her Feather…a toddler mistake by Tyler that stuck. What a beautiful day for her wintery outdoor wedding!

01.05.13btw 01.05.13atw

This cat. She was such a gift from God. I would never have bought a cat, or even adopted one, if she hadn’t taken up residence in our backyard four years ago. It seems that she shows up at just the right moments, like an angel sleeping in the shafts of sunlight, reminding me that life doesn’t have to be as stressful as I make it out to be.


I thought I might try for a photography project 365 again, and of course, I didn’t take any pictures on day seven. This is typical for me. I don’t mind. I never put much pressure on myself to do every single day. But I’m enjoying the process so far. Working with the exposure triangle here…a little noise from a high ISO in exchange for a capture of this low-light moment with my sweet niece. Isn’t she getting old?

01.08.13atw 01.08.13btw


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