Use Me, Lord! :: I Feel So Used.

My counselor and I had a good laugh the other day. I told her how I’m sometimes tempted to feel like God tricked me into becoming a fost/adopt parent and then stabbed me in the back when I obeyed. (Yes! I am human and I am honest! God doesn’t mind. He still likes me.) I said to her as we talked about the impossible chain of events, “It’s almost like God was just looking for a way to get Midge away from her mom and over to her dad, and He put her with us until He could make it happen. I just feel so USED.” And in that instant, I remembered where I was two and a half years ago when God called us into fostering, looking up with arms wide open, saying, “Use me, LORD!”

We had to chuckle at how we are so passionate in saying, “Use me, LORD!” and then we get so upset when He does just that.


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