Zion, Bryce Canyon, & Other Updates.

zion_bryce_canyon_005_February 14, 2013
  • what a busy February we’ve had. the boys had a five day weekend for president’s day, so we put together a last minute trip to Zion and Bryce Canyon. So gorgeous! I just didn’t remember how beautiful they were and Greg had never been. We both agreed that it just might be the most beautiful place we’ve ever been. The snow on top of the orange cliffs with the bright blue sky…oh my.
  • I managed to strong arm the boys’ teachers into letting me volunteer a few times in the past month. I don’t know why these teachers don’t seem to want any help. But between the volunteering and women’s bible study at church and watching Midge a couple times, February has flown by.
  • Speaking of Midge, would you pray for her? The crazy social worker continues to wreak havoc on Midge’s life. When we were her foster parents and de facto parents, we pushed as hard as we could against everyone we could reach to try to convince them of Midge’s need for stability and permanency. Now there is absolutely nothing we can do about it but pray. Although everyone tells Midge’s father that he will have full custody, the social worker increased Midge’s mother’s visitations when Midge moved in with her dad. For the first two months she was adjusting to a new home, a new primary caregiver, losing her family and all familiarity, and also visiting with her mom in a new facility for three hours, three times a week, up from the two hours, twice a week that she had when she was with us. Last week, the social worker pushed for yet another one month extension in court, and has ordered Midge to visit with her mother, unsupervised now, three times a week for six hours each time. What? What is the purpose of these increased visits? If everyone is telling father that he will get full custody, why increase Midge’s visits with mother, who has been screwing up regularly for the past almost two and a half years? Being with her mother…(who, by the way, drove Midge around in a booster seat on her first visit!!! she’s two!!!)…would be the very worst thing for her. I am afraid that the social worker is trying to drag things out again so that she can give the parents joint custody, even though she won’t admit this to anyone. I am so worried about Midge’s future, as well as the instability she has to live with right now. Doesn’t anyone in the county (who’s actually able and willing to do something about it) really care about her? Please pray for her. God loves her, knows the future, and knows the intentions of everyone involved. I’m so thankful that HIS intentions are the ones which will stand in the end.
  • As for our future placements, we had to postponeĀ the meeting with our agency that we were supposed to have two weeks ago because Jake was sick that day. I’m trying to be patient with God’s timing here. We’re now supposed to meet on Monday and will find out if the criteria we have for our future placements are feasible through our current agency. I’ll keep you posted.
  • since I cannot do anything for Midge but pray, I am trying to work on the things that actually CAN be done before we get any new kids in our house. So, priorities: home and health. Home: I have a short list of major projects I want to get done before we get any long term placements. Cleaning closets, purging craft supplies, finishing decorating projects, etc. I’m also trying to get my body to a good place so I can focus my energy on the new kiddos when they arrive.
  • And although photography growth doesn’t top my list of priorities, I’ve been shooting fully in manual mode since January. I also finally decided to try out Lightroom as a way of cataloging and doing quick edits on my photos. all the photographers seem to use lightroom, heading only in photoshop when they really need to do extensive edits. everyone says it saves time. so maybe I was a little optimistic when thinking it would save me time right away, because it doesn’t! I don’t know how to do anything in Lightroom yet, and I spend so long just trying to figure out how to get it to do what I want it to do, that it would really be faster for me to just edit in Photoshop to begin with. I’m trying to be patient and think of the long term benefit of it all. My new header above is one of only a few photos I’ve somewhat successfully edited in Lightroom. Here are a few others from our trip.
zion_bryce_canyon_009_February 14, 2013

our Zion backyard!


zion_bryce_canyon_024_February 14, 2013

Sunset out the back window.

zion_bryce_canyon_093_February 15, 2013

snow play in Zion!


zion_bryce_canyon_100_February 15, 2013

Our family…still doesn’t look right with just four of us.


zion_bryce_canyon_120_February 15, 2013

zion cliffs reflected in the Virgin River


zion_bryce_canyon_169_February 16, 2013

Our first glimpse of Bryce Canyon!


zion_bryce_canyon_171_February 16, 2013

Bryce Canyon


zion_bryce_canyon_179_February 16, 2013

The treacherous beginning of an icy Bryce Canyon hike…almost lost the boys over the first switchback’s dropoff as they ran ahead in the ice! I was nervous to go any further!

zion_bryce_canyon_182_February 16, 2013

But we kept hiking in, and went carefully back and forth down these switchbacks which were pure ice and red mud.


zion_bryce_canyon_241_February 16, 2013

The bottom of the canyon…snow play, snacks, beautiful hiking.


zion_bryce_canyon_321_February 16, 2013

Heading home.


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