All is Calm Again…


After so many weeks of silence, we heard from Midge’s dad on Monday! Praise God…I am so thankful that He continues to allow us to stay in contact with our girl. I pretty much begged her dad to let us take her for a few hours on Monday night and it was just the calming thing we needed…a family evening together. Playing in the backyard, dinner together, and riding scooters around the lake nearby made this week the best week in a while.

In different terrifying news, I was the speaker at our church’s women’s bible study this morning…eek!! So I’ve been letting everything else go to prepare for that message. Now that the lesson is taught, it’s time to turn to the other tasks before me…catching up with housework and packing for our Easter trip, as well as getting our tax stuff together so we don’t wait until the last minute (I know! I know! It already is the last minute!)

I’m just so thankful that we got to see our girl before we left for our weeklong trip. I tried to look forward to the vacation, but it’s hard when every day that passes is one day further away from the last time you saw your baby. Now I can sigh a deep breath of relief and look forward to the week we have in store. I just had to pop in here and let you all know about our chance to see Midge, as I know so many of you are in similar situations and share our prayers for her.


Time to go pack. Is it strange that my packing list includes three cameras?!



2 thoughts on “All is Calm Again…

  1. I’m so, so glad and relieved for you. My hubby was reading something somewhere and it said that missing someone can actually be felt as a physical pain. It isn’t easy missing our babies. I am glad you’ll be better able to enjoy your trip now. And one can never be over-prepared when it comes to cameras. That probably doesn’t include the ones on your phones too, does it!

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