Visitations and the Future.

When I wrote the last post, I really thought the kids might be leaving us soon thereafter. The social worker called me from the county the day I sent the letter and when I mentioned that I wasn’t monitoring, she said, “Well, we’ll have to look for another placement for the kids unless the FFA steps up to monitor.” With a heavy heart, I told her that was okay if that’s what they needed to do.

And now it appears that visitations are all settled and arranged! The FFA and the county talked it out, and a county supervisor is monitoring both of one parent’s visits and even transporting the kids home after one of the visits (because we couldn’t transport home on the day they picked.) The other parent’s visits are temporarily not happening…nobody knows yet how long that parent will be unable to do visits, if you get my drift. (My fellow foster parent calls it a “county vacation.”) Could that be part of the reason that the social worker has changed her tune and is stepping up to get the kids to stay with us? There is another court date next week. I wonder if anything will happen then?

So there you go! The kids are staying with us for the foreseeable future, and neither county nor FFA are even talking about the possibility of them being moved anymore. They are both registered for the fall at Tyler’s school. I am going to begin the process of getting their insurance group changed now that I know they’re here for a while. Tyler’s Spanish Immersion Program is a wonderful opportunity for them, especially if they do stay here permanently. What a gift to be able to preserve your cultural heritage and language even if you’re living with a non-Mexican non-Spanish speaking family! For kindergarten, A has already been accepted into the program for the fall, and E was moved to number one on the waiting list for a first grade spot, thanks to the great principal and staff there.

Praise God. He makes things happen when they are in His good plan.


3 thoughts on “Visitations and the Future.

  1. I “knew” this would happen! Mostly because it was just so obvious that God brought these children into your lives. And also because I know social services workers like to bully at times but in the end they don’t often turn out to have a bite that matches their bark. Thankfully. I’ll continue to pray for the whole situation, because I know how stressful that non-permanence can be. For the kids’ sake, I hope permanence is achieved soon.

  2. What a wonderful reward to your faithfulness to follow through with God’s calling on your life, even when it means that you have to advocate for difficult and scary things for the sake of your family. I love this. I’ll continue to pray for the whole situation.

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