Midge is Coming Back!

I can’t really believe it and it’s probably only for a short time, but Midge is coming back to us on Sunday! Her dad has been doing really well with her but he did make one stupid mistake that was out of compliance with his trial custody (nothing that put Midge in danger, if it is what he said it is. Of course, there could be more that I don’t know about…we don’t know many details.)

So at least until things are sorted out at court, she will stay with us again. We are so glad that she won’t be with strangers. The insane social worker we had before (the one who has always pushed for things we thought weren’t safe for Midge) told the dad that she shouldn’t come to us because we have too many kids. The dad insisted that she SHOULD come to us because she knows us and thank goodness, the placement worker called. She is currently in her own home staying with her aunt and grandma and her dad moved out so she could stay there until she has to come to us.

I imagine it will be weeks before I can get a straight answer about what’s going on, but for now, I’m rushing around prepping the house for our little girl to come back home.

I didn’t think there was much that could surprise me any more in foster care, but this one certainly surprised me. A wonderful, hectic, sweet surprise.


One thought on “Midge is Coming Back!

  1. So happy for you! I could not even read your blog during the time she was being taken away. A similar situation happened to our family a year ago. We haven’t seen our 5 year old “son” since June of 2012. I was very impressed that you took such a hard situation and stayed positive as well as jumped back in to foster care. God bless you and your family. I know how frustrating the system can be and you handle it with grace. (God’s grace I am sure:) Enjoy the precious time you will have with Midge. Praying for you!

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