I Never Would Have Thought…

A year ago I never would have thought I’d be in the position I was in today. And I never would have thought that what came out of my mouth could possibly come out of my mouth.

Midge has been back with us for three weeks and there are another three weeks until the court trial where the judge will decide whether to reunify her again with her father, terminate family reunification services, or start up new case plans for her parents.

So today Midge’s attorney’s assistant met with me and told me what the other workers are recommending. The two social workers on the case both are recommending that Midge reunify with her father and have something called CRISP, which means Conditional Reunification with Intense Supervision Plan or something like that. Basically, they think the reason for this most recent removal wasn’t serious enough to keep her from her dad, but will watch the future carefully.

Which is pretty much what Greg and I think. Midge’s dad spoils her and doesn’t parent her at all like we would, but she has never seemed unsafe or not taken care of unloved in the last eight months that she’s been with him. The removal was for a technicality and really shouldn’t have happened.

So the lady tells me that Midge’s attorney’s office wasn’t ready to agree to any reunification any more, and that they were thinking of going for completely stopping the family reunification services. (Translation: if they got their way, Midge would be ours.) Then she flat out asks me, “Would you be opposed to Midge reunifying with her dad and having the CRISP?”

And all I can honestly say is, “No, we’re not opposed to it.” As much as we’d love to keep her, and as much as she should have been ours a year or two ago, what happened this time around isn’t right and it wouldn’t be fair to her dad to act like he’s failed to prove he can’t take care of her. Because he hasn’t.

So I’m guessing that on October 16 we’ll be saying goodbye to our baby yet again.

But you can bet that I’m calling her dad and holding this over him! I’m telling him that the way he can thank us for making this path easier for him is by keeping Midge safe and making sure we get to see her often. After all, she’s part of our family, too.


One thought on “I Never Would Have Thought…

  1. Praying for you and Midge! Thank you for sharing this with us, and for continuing to be courageous in spite of the pain. You really are amazing, and I am sure you hear that a lot, because it is true.

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