We Interrupt This Great Idea With The Loss of Our Baby Girl.

So it was a great idea to really consolidate the things I can tell people I need help with when they ask if they can help out. And I still plan to do it, but as it turns out, God was already planning to take a big load off of us.

Midge will probably be leaving us again on Saturday.

Turns out that Social Services has cleared up (in their minds) the reason that Midge was removed this last time. Hasn’t really cleared up our concerns, but since when were foster parents’ concerns ever important? Even when we’ve parented this girl for about twice as long as either biological parent.

And on top of that, we’re not really sure where our relationship is with Midge’s dad right now. We couldn’t in clear conscience not say anything to Midge’s attorney and social worker about our concerns, but if it gets back to him that we are concerned, he could very well shut us out of her life completely. And who knows what he’s been told already. Just today he told me that he’s going back to his old church instead of coming to ours, where he’s been coming sporadically for the last few months.

And to think that I was honestly thinking that this really might be the last chance, like everyone so gravely said it was at the “Team Decision Meeting” a few weeks ago, where the only members of the “Team” who matter are the birth parents. Who’s on Midge’s team over there at the county?

So there you have it. Our schedule is clearing up suddenly. But don’t worry, I plan on having plenty of extra meltdowns to deal with from E, as she fell apart last time Midge left. Should be fun. So there will be plenty of need for that help we were talking about yesterday…


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