7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess :: Reflecting on Food Month

Eggplant tomorrow!!!

Eggplant tomorrow!!!

This is it. Month One of 7 is over today. Shopping at Trader Joe’s and the Farmer’s Market this morning was like a shopping spree! Beets! Strawberries! Broccoli! Swiss Chard! Avocados! Asparagus! Lettuce! I can’t wait to eat them all! (Except lettuce, which is really just a vehicle for other goodies, in my mind.) I even went back to the store after the kids went to bed (because Tyler now requests french toast for his birthday breakfast tomorrow and I have no appropriate bread) and picked up some jicama and an eggplant. I cannot WAIT to eat them. Preferably all tomorrow. It’s been a very hard month for me, as I knew it would be. I think it will be the hardest of the seven months for me. And what did I learn?

1. There are a LOT of really tasty healthy foods in this world. My seven were very good choices. I never did completely tire of the chicken, rice, beans, tomatoes and eggs. I can’t believe it. I chose the beans because that’s what most of the world’s poor eats, and also, I’ve long been wanting to incorporate more into our diet here. Mission accomplished. I’m happily eating beans at almost every meal. The apples got a little tiresome, mostly because they were my only portable food so I ate them a lot. I told Greg tonight at dinner (rice, beans, sauteed spinach) that I think it will be a long time until I eat spinach again. And then I went onto Pinterest before my late night store run, and what did I see but a spinach salad with avocado, chicken, pine nuts, and vinaigrette. And do you know what I ended up buying a 1 lb. tub of at the store tonight?! Spinach and all other 7-worthy foods aside, there are SO many good fruits and vegetables we can enjoy. I’m so lucky to live not only in a country with great access to food, but in a state with a healthy mindset. Everywhere I went there were quick options for healthful living, even some that fit into my food rules.

2. You’d be surprised what you miss. For the first two or three weeks, I REALLY wanted sweets. And cheese. And butter. And perhaps it’s because I have the flu and am not really well yet, but I’m not even that interested in the cake I’m baking for Tyler and Greg’s birthdays. And I’m almost repulsed by the thought of donuts tomorrow for birthdays. (In fairness, I was never a huge donut fan.) But I thought after four weeks that I’d be DYING for sweets that first day! No! I am salivating over a quinoa salad with diced vegetables and lemon dressing. And the last of the greek pasta salad I made for the family earlier this week. And grilled eggplant and peppers on my panini tomorrow at lunch!!

3. Eating well makes a difference in your body and energy levels. I’m not sure whether it’s the diet or my new exercise regime (probably both), but I lost 10 pounds this month. Seriously. This was not my goal for exercising or for eating the seven foods, but boy, what a nice perk! Even better, I feel more energetic all day long. In light of this and of #2, I’m trying to figure out where I go from here. I’ve been watching food documentaries (a favorite past-time of mine) and I read this month that studies have shown sugar to be more addictive than cocaine. I am not surprised. I don’t want to jump back on the sugar bandwagon and lose all of this healthy momentum and hard work. On the other hand, I don’t want to give up sugar altogether. I feel like an addict who’s been clean for a month, asking her sponsor if she could just have a hit now and then at parties. I’m not sure what’s going to happen but I’m thinking about it.

4. You can’t force spiritual growth. It happens organically, one day at a time, one bible reading at a time, one prayer at a time. I need to remember that this is a seven month journey, not a four week sprint. I had been hoping for my spiritual life to break wide open like the winter ground popping up daffodils. That didn’t happen. I did have my morning run “moment” and other than that, spiritual things are just plugging along day by day. But that’s okay. There were so many other great benefits, and I know God had His plan for me this month and for the next six months.

5. People eat a lot. At every event. And really, if I plan ahead, I can avoid most of the unhealthy stuff just by keeping myself full of little snacks here and there (ALMONDS!!! Where have you been all month! I miss you!) and by perhaps being the one who brings the healthy but yummy dish to the potluck?

So there it is. My month is over. I didn’t even bother to eat lunch today, because, really? It was going to be beans and rice and an egg over top and anyway I’m sick so what’s the point. Honestly, I almost cut my month short on Tuesday when I came down with the flu. I’d done almost a month, so what difference would the last four days make? As it turns out, a lot of difference. It wasn’t until today that it actually dawned on me that I hadn’t been craving sweets or cheese anymore. I will admit to these three cheats for the month: 1) I accidentally popped three grapes in my mouth during week two while rinsing them for the kids’ snack and didn’t realize it until the next day. Oops. 2) When I got the flu I had two cups of tea with honey and lemon. 3) Again, Tuesday’s flu had me adding hot sauce to my rice and chicken in hopes that the heat would help my body fight the fever. No luck.  Other than those three, I was a clean-cut 7 champion. I did it. And even that feeling of accomplishment makes me feel like it was worth it, too.

I recognize the gift it is to be creative in my cooking. To start with plants and turn them into something delicious and healthful. I am really glad I did this and I’m even gladder that my “council” of women for this 7 journey are sticklers for rules. Because from day one I had decided that I’d let myself use all kinds of spices and a little bit of cheese or nuts here and there to “garnish” my dishes, when we really know that there would often be almonds garnishing the air in my hands as I scarfed them down. So because of the “council” of ladies, I didn’t eat cheese or those nuts or anything else non-7-approved, and I feel like it was a bigger accomplishment than it otherwise would have been.

A little bit of self-control and self-deprivation and self-examination never hurt anyone. I am thankful for it.

And I’m glad it’s over. Bring on the eggplant. I think I’ll saute it up and make a garlic yogurt dip for it on the side. Ahhhh….


One thought on “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess :: Reflecting on Food Month

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading about this! I can be guilty of trying to force spiritual growth when doing things like this. It’s hard not to, you know? Good for you for making it through!

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