7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess :: Reflections on Clothes Month

photo 1

For four weeks I wore the seven clothing items shown above. (Well, it’s actually eight. For some reason, the author of this challenge decided that shoes should count as one item, but we should only pick two pairs to wear all month.) So it was pretty weird. And I think we are unfairly challenged with our California weather, which included a big rain storm and what we consider some very cold days, and then a week of extreme heat! (Over 90 degrees in February? Yes, please! I love you, California!)

Which means that I wore the same tank top every day for about a week. Twice. When it was cold there was a little more variety. Thank goodness for that jacket…nobody cares if you wear the same jacket to school drop off every morning.

But you know what? It wasn’t a big deal. Nobody said a word about it. Whether they noticed or not, I don’t know. I’m guessing not. The ladies in our group who work in offices had a much tougher time this month. In my life I rarely see the same people two days in a row. I did get tired of my two tops (black tank top bought second-hand, light blue long sleeved from American Apparel) but it made my morning prep time SO easy!

photo 2

We did add seven accessories from seven different countries or charities to pray for, which made it easier to mix things up a bit. Rainbow scarf from a second-hand store benefitting homeless women and their children. Gray belt from Goodwill. Orange scarf from a second-hand store benefitting a battered women’s shelter where our Midge stayed before she came into foster care! Green beads from Haitian Creations, giving women a way to earn money for their families. Off white hat made in China, where we have missionary friends and where our good friends are in the process of adopting for the third time. Purple beanie from Krochet Kids, another organization giving poor women a way to make money to support their families. And silver Africa necklace to remind me to pray for Northrise University, a christian university in Zambia that is changing lives and making a difference in their country.

For many in our group, it was a new idea to think about who made the clothes we wear and whether the price was actually giving the workers a fair wage or not. (If you don’t think about it, it’s usually not.) It’s been a few years since I started making a concerted effort to buy second-hand and research stores’ ethics ratings before buying. And I’ve definitely backslid in being purposeful in this area. The hoodie and boots I wore this month were most likely not ethically sourced. So it’s good to think about it again.

And this month really did remind me of how few items of clothing we really NEED. So I did this:

photo 3

BEFORE: 225 clothing items, not including accessories, pajamas, workout gear and shoes

Do you see that silver metal basket in the back left with the army green pants and rainbow scarf? That’s the basket where all of my seven clothes lived for the past month. So I pretty much wore what was in there plus shoes. Mind-boggling. Makes me wonder why I have all that other stuff. Which leads me to:

photo 2

AFTER: 114 clothing items (and I purged a lot of pajamas and other stuff, too.)

My new wardrobe is a few items over half of my old one. I will admit that I saved two large boxes of clothes on a shelf on the left side of my closet. These are the clothes that didn’t make the top 114, but I like them just fine and I’m not sure I won’t miss them. Isn’t that ridiculous? I’ve lived on 7 clothing items for a month without any problem, yet I think I won’t be able to squeeze by on 114 items? But I did put those extras into a box, and if I don’t need them for a few months, they’ll go off to be donated like the rest. It’s a start, right?


4 thoughts on “7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess :: Reflections on Clothes Month

  1. Great work! My goal is to go through all my clothes….(again!) with a fine toothed comb and get rid of the things I don’t wear even though I ‘think’ I’ll wear them before we move rather than after we move. We haven’t purchased a house yet (although we’re actively looking) so I guess this means I have some time to get a jump start!

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