About Us

This is us: a ragtag family through birth and through love. Two people, met and married now thirteen years ago. Two boys, born in February 2004 and 2006. Two more boys who lived with us as foster sons in October/November 2010. Two girls added into the mix. One is the big sister of the first foster boys, and one is the little sister our boys never had, whom we had for two years and had hoped to adopt. Add one more boy and one more girl brought to us via foster care in May 2013. Ten people knitted together by our LORD, who watches over our family that isn’t quite average.


Linn: the blogger, the seeker, the homemaker mom of two or three or six or eight, depending on the day. a fan of slow living and slow food and slow mornings, which I seldom see. the uncertain follower of Christ, as He reaches into a messy world that I often would rather forget about.

Greg: chief vacuumer, wrestler, after dinner dish washer, and all around hubbydad of the world. the man who struggles with not being perfect and always wins at every game. the one who goes through each day with me and the one I’m so thankful that God chose for me.

Jake: the thinker, the planner, the skin and bones bouncy boy with both creativity and brains. the one who has trouble letting go sometimes and can’t stand when things aren’t fair. the firstborn nine year old fourth grader whom we love.

Tyler: the charismatic seven year old who will lead the world, hopefully in the right direction, God willing. the friendly, crazy, kissy, cuddly one. the spanish immersion school second grader. the one who will drive us crazy and drive us to laughter, all at the same time.

Tall Girl (respite care for days or a week at a time, March 2011-July 2012): the seven year old who has never lived in our home but lives in our hearts. the older sister of our first two foster sons. the wavy haired spunky one who is sneaky and sweet. the one with an uncertain future and an unwavering and unconditional love for her birth mom. …now adopted by a great family!

Middle Boy (emergency shelter home for him Oct-Nov 2010, respite care for various days and weeks through July 2012) a.k.a. Athlete: the five year old former foster son who so wildly welcomed us to foster parenting. the boy who was transformed in one short year from a terror to a triumph. the speech impaired sweetheart. the one I never thought I’d call a pleasure to be around, but I do. …now adopted by a great family!

Little Boy (emergency shelter home for him Oct-Nov 2010, respite care for various days and weeks through July 2012) a.k.a. Baby Billy Goat: the three year old chubby one who stole our heart from day one of fostering. the toddling, whiniest, huggable reason that we decided to pursue an adoption in our next placement. the one who cried for “mommy” whenever I left him, and broke my heart. …now adopted by a great family!

Midge (foster daughter from Dec 2010 – Dec 2012): our littlest miracle brought to us from foster care in December 2010. the three year old princess who manipulates us all with her black curls and her baby talk. the one whom we were in concurrent planning to adopt, but who reunified with her biological father after two long years. the one who is therefore the source of our highest highs and lowest lows.

E (foster daughter from May 2013-present): one of our two newest additions… the cute little kitchen helper. the girly girl who is stranded in a house full of boys. the manipulator and tantrum thrower who is already making leaps in progress towards living in family life. the first grade sweetie who will now be here forever.

A (foster son from May 2013-present): our other new addition… the dimpled little man who charms everyone with his laughter and impetuous ways. the speech impaired five year old who will runs hot or cold but nowhere in between when it comes to angry and happy. the one whom everyone forgives just because he flashes those dimples and says, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t listening. I ‘fordot’.” the kindergarten cutie who will now be here forever.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am checking out a lot of sites about chocolate on the Ivory Coast. There are many that date back to Halloween but Easter is coming- just around the corner and it will be a basket minus the chocolate bunny. Has Fair trade come up with Easter Bunnies?

  2. I couldn’t finish reading your story about Midge. Our family is going through a similar situation. It is the most excruciating pain I have ever known. I (We) are trying to cope in the same way as your family. We are trying our best to appreciate our blessings and be good examples for the rest of our children. Your blog is so touching. God bless you for all you do and thank you for sharing your experience. I will pray for you and your family and especially for your precious Midge.

  3. Dear Linn,

    Wow I have only read through about a dozen of your posts at this point but let me say wow! You are an amazing person, you and your husband. I admire your hearts and obedience to the Lord despite your heart ache and struggles. I was reading through your bio and thought to my self, “I do all that too” and even better was “I love Jesus too!”. I have three sons around the age of yours but I live on the other side of the U.S. Your blog is such an encouragement to me. I love reading about your honesty with God and how he works in your life. It probably sounds totally silly from some random stranger who found your blog thousands of miles away. But thank you, parts of your blog has brought me to tears. I will be praying for you and your family and for Midge. I have different struggles but I know a certain type of heartache when it comes to the loss of children. Thank you again and God bless. I will be visiting your blog frequently now, thank you for the blessing you bring to others in your walk and for sharing it.

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