iphoneography : january part 1


2014 challenge:

use my iphone to capture and edit unique perspectives on our lives this year

Frustrated with the lack of great personal photos from 2013, I am setting out on a photography challenge this year. Not quite a project 365 (where you must take a picture every day) but I’ll aim for about that many great shots in the end. I’m not averse to having two good shots from one day or none from another. Hopefully I’ll be motivated to pick up my “real” camera this year and get back into the groove of taking and editing my own pictures instead of just my clients’ pictures. For now, here are some of the first from my iphonography 2014 challenge.

new year's eve aftermath

new year’s eve aftermath

and so it begins...four kids in tennis

and so it begins…four kids in tennis

she finally gets her gymnastics lessons

she finally gets her gymnastics lessons

brothers forever

brothers forever

school's morning mist

school’s morning mist



18 mile ride

18 mile ride

wonderful weather for the outdoors

wonderful weather for the outdoors

cuddling on the swing with my baby

cuddling on the swing with my baby

daddy's favorite moment

daddy’s favorite moment

i spy four woodards...do you?

i spy four woodards…do you?

Happy shooting in 2014!

The One Project I Got Done in the Past Four Months.


It took me several months (plus the years I’d been thinking about doing it) but I redid my dining room wall! I was mostly inspired by the silhouette walls I’d seen popping up on Pinterest, which I thought would be cool to do for all of our kiddos. I wasn’t sure that the bright colored frames and black would look right, but I think that when I get around to making new curtains (I already have the fabric in coordinating colors) it will look just right. IMG_7614

Speaking of Pinterest, I did another Bible Verse canvas like the one I was inspired to do for this tutorial. But of course I left the stickers on too long and the paint dried before I peeled them off, leaving me with this very weathered and torn up verse instead. Oh well. I don’t have time to worry about that. But there’s your warning: don’t let the spray paint dry completely before pulling of the letters! IMG_7617  Another Pinterest inspired piece…the frame with wire and pictures. My cousin Becky brought this frame to Christmas Eve for the gift exchange a while ago, and it had a back on it and was painted grayish blue. Very cute but I wanted to repurpose so I bought some wire and mini clothespins, nailed the wire into the back of the frame and painted the clothespins and frame to match and voila! The 2″x3″ pictures look so cute in here! I figure I’ll change them with the season. (Ha! Yeah right! You will visit me in three years and the same pictures will be here!) IMG_7618

My favorite part is the silhouettes. I LOVE them! I got the cute frames at Ikea and spray painted them all black. (They are white at Ikea.) I love that I can tell right away each of my kids’ silhouettes. Baby Billy Goat’s is the hardest because he’s grown so much since he was a 10 month old living here! But I still love them all! And I thought the family at the beach shot from a few months ago when we had a chance to take Midge with us to beach night was a cute family silhouette idea, too.IMG_7619 IMG_7620


Oh, and the Scrabble letters!! They are from JoAnn’s and I love them. Greg and I like Scrabble and they add a little unexpected touch. The word “rejoice” above our old family portrait is just stuck up with Quake Hold so I can change the word when I want. I also plan to buy a cross for each member of the family as they get older and decide to get baptized. All in all, I love it! Can’t wait to see it with curtains! But I’m guessing that will be a while. I had a whole list of projects I was going to do during A’s three hours at kindergarten, but Midge has stolen those away by returning to us, and I couldn’t be happier. IMG_7616



The photography course I’m taking is turning out to be really great. This week we’re studying metering and it’s making a big difference in my shots straight out of camera, which means less post processing for me. This evening, the boys went in the backyard despite the COLD temperatures (no, really! it’s been 30-50 degrees for several days now!) and spent a few hours, barefoot, creating an elaborate ramp with a plank of wood and their old hot wheels and blocks from upstairs. I couldn’t bring myself to tell them to come in to do their chores, they were having so much fun and being so creative. Instead, I practiced my metering and took some pictures. Good choice, I think.

01.14.13ctw 01.14.13btw 01.14.13dtw 01.14.13etw 01.14.13ftw



Greg is turning the big four-oh in a few weeks, and I managed to pull together a last minute surprise party for him! This is no small feat with my observant husband, but I think it helped that I didn’t even start planning it until a week ago and I did it three weeks before his birthday. He had a great night out and the rest of the day was busy on Saturday, too. Still working on my photography class and I feel like I’m getting closer to comfort with manual mode on my camera. I am definitely seeing the benefits of shooting in manual, too.

01.12.13atw 01.12.13btw 01.12.13ctw 01.12.13dtw 01.12.13etw


Morning with Aunt Krissy: In her craft room, walking down to overlook Laguna Beach, catching up. Lunch of leftovers at home. A moment of quiet on the couch with a familiar & comforting view out that window. Parenting boys. Pinterest inspired dinner. Oops, we forgot to take Tyler to his tennis lesson…again. Oh well. I’ve managed to keep very busy this week, thanks be to God (and the family He gave me).

01.10.13atw 01.10.13ctw 01.10.13dtw 01.10.13ftw 01.10.13gtw

01.05.13 – 01.08.13


I’m taking a photography course online right now that is supposed to move me towards more comfort with manual mode on my camera. I am confident at my photo shoots using aperture priority mode, and have used manual mode when absolutely necessary, but it isn’t my forte. This past week I have been taking way more pictures than usual, attempting to master manual. First off, our faux daughter Sara’s sister got married! The boys have always called her Feather…a toddler mistake by Tyler that stuck. What a beautiful day for her wintery outdoor wedding!

01.05.13btw 01.05.13atw

This cat. She was such a gift from God. I would never have bought a cat, or even adopted one, if she hadn’t taken up residence in our backyard four years ago. It seems that she shows up at just the right moments, like an angel sleeping in the shafts of sunlight, reminding me that life doesn’t have to be as stressful as I make it out to be.


I thought I might try for a photography project 365 again, and of course, I didn’t take any pictures on day seven. This is typical for me. I don’t mind. I never put much pressure on myself to do every single day. But I’m enjoying the process so far. Working with the exposure triangle here…a little noise from a high ISO in exchange for a capture of this low-light moment with my sweet niece. Isn’t she getting old?

01.08.13atw 01.08.13btw